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Dog finds new home after amazing Cinderella makeover

Cody now has a loving new family dog-happy
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What an incredible transformation! This sweet pooch, who suffered years of abuse, now has a loving new home (and a new name) after he got an amazing cinderella-style makeover.

By Ashley Murphy , 1 Aug 2019

A seven-year-old Poodle named Lionheart was handed into a shelter in Virginia, USA, back in April.

Lionheart was malnourished, had difficulty standing up, and his coat was in a terrible condition. Specialists believe the poor dog suffered up to two years of severe neglect.

The worst kind of neglect

Robin Starr is the CEO of the Richmond SPCA. He said:

"I saw him when he first arrived, and I could not tell which was the front end and which was the back end. You couldn't see anything. I am sure he was in great discomfort."

Vets decided to shave his coat off and quickly got to work treating the worst case of animal neglect they'd ever seen.

Dr Angela Ivey treated the pup first hand. She said:

"Normally, we do bloodwork and everything on them, but you couldn't even get through the mats to find a vein."

"He needed his teeth cleaned — they were horrible — and he needed to be neutered, and then we got all of his bloodwork and everything done at the same time."

Hospital staff noticed an immediate change in the dog's behaviour and were amazed by how he managed to retain such a loving and sensitive nature after such a traumatic experience.

After another three months of treatment, the pup was put up for adoption, and it didn't take long for someone to spot his amazing little character.

A new dog gets a new name

Given it was time for a fresh start, his new owners decided Lionheart needed a new name. They christened him Cody. Cody is now clearly loving life again.

So while he had definitely had a few rough years, we're happy to say Cody got his fairytale ending.

The medical team and support staff recently updated animal lovers on Cody's story via a blog post. It read:

"It's the ultimate Cinderella story."