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Man breaks car window to save dog, soon realises he’s made a terrible mistake

Car window smashed to pieces dog-wow
© Spotted Weston-super-mare - Facebook

The event took place on a hot day in the beachside town of Weston-super-Mare. The act committed certainly came from a good place, but ended disastrously…

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Jul 2019

It all started with a Facebook post in which a man furiously shared his experience: someone had broken his car window.

A car baking in the hot sun

On the day of the ‘vandalism’, the temperatures were high and rising still. The car’s owner parked his vehicle and left it there in the sun while he went to do some shopping. Gone for only a short while, he returned 20 minutes later to find his car window smashed to pieces.

He took to Facebook to share his anger: 

“I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has smashed the back window in as they thought my daughter’s plush toy dog was a real dog trapped in the heat. How can you be this stupid? Shame on you.”


Please post anonymously I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has...

Posted by Spotted Weston-super-mare on Friday, July 26, 2019

Better safe than sorry

In fact, the little toy dog does look quite realistic: it has a collar and name tag around it’s neck, as well as a body which mechanically moves up and down, as if to give the impression it is breathing softly.

Would any animal lover have taken the chance of leaving a potential dog to heat up in a parked car? The comments on the post speak for themselves – if you don’t want your window smashed, don’t leave a dog (or anything looking like a dog) – inside your car on a hot day! Some Good Samaritans DO care!