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Anakin: the two-legged cat born without a pelvis or back legs

Anakin, the two-legged cat captures the internet cat-wow
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Although Anakin, a black and white cat, has a genetic malformation, he lives life to its fullest. This affectionate kitty appears in hilarious videos that have made him a new internet star.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 31/07/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Around seven years ago, Carrie Hawks, a long-term cat lover spotted the tiny, homeless kitten hiding in the bushes at her father’s workplace. It was very clear that this cat has a definite handicap, having only two legs. Carrie couldn’t resist picking up the tiny cat and decided there and then to help him if she could.

Kitten is in good health despite malformation

A visit to the vet’s surgery for examination, showed that the cat with two legs was in good health. X-rays confirmed that he had no back legs or pelvis, but his other internal organs were unaffected. When Anakin the kitty was placed onto the floor, he positioned his front legs at an angle that allowed him to balance his body using his back-end and tail. He manages to move around quite efficiently using this method. Despite his health issues, the two-legged cat is able to walk, play and jump just like any other feline.

Anakin is now an internet sensation

Carrie and her family are lifelong animal lovers and are obviously giving much love and attention to the cat with two legs. She named the kitty Anakin, Ani for short, after Anakin Skywalker. She regularly posts videos, blog updates and photos of Ani and her other cats on social media. Despite having a difficult start in life, the two-legged kitten now has thousands of interested followers, keen to hear tales of his daily antics.

You too, can follow the astonishing antics of Anakin and his feline siblings, here on Twitter or Instagram. Regardless of his disabilities, this special kitty doesn’t let life’s problems bother him too much at all!


Anakin is still doing great! Just a little bit of twitching off and on. It's not getting any worse though so that's...

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