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Watch: Man reunites with dog he saved from the brink of death a year earlier

Naked dog lies on blanket dog-happy
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Matt Bentley was driving through the desert when he found an abandoned dog in a catastrophic state. He drove the sick animal to the nearest animal hospital, not knowing whether his friend would survive. One year later, he meets the dog again, in an overly emotional reunion.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 30/07/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

A heart-breaking first meeting and an even more emotional reunion: that is Matt Bentley’s and Kelly’s story.

A stroke of luck

In January 2018, Matt Bentley was driving through the Utah desert, on a secluded hiking trail, when he noticed movement in the distance. At first, he had no idea what he was looking at, but as he got closer, he realised the hairless and skinny animal was actually a dog. He knew he couldn’t leave the poor animal behind.

So, he carried the dog into his truck, and drove her to the nearest animal hospital: the Utah Animal Adoption Center Clinic. Though staff was horrified at her condition, they were up to the task of nursing her back to health.

And despite what Kelly, (as the naked pooch was named), had been through, she had the sweetest, most gentle, and loving personality.

Kelly lying on couch
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A new beginning

Three short months later, Kelly was feeling a whole lot better and was practically unrecognisable. And, to add to the good news, a family decided to adopt her. Indeed, one of the volunteers at the shelter had felt an instant bond with Kelly as soon as she met her, and knew she had to be part of her forever family!

Kelly settled into her new loving home very quickly, especially thanks to her big brother Rocky the Golden Doodle’s support!

Kelly lying in bed with Rocky
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The most emotional reunion

As for Kelly’s owners, they are infinitely grateful to Matt, who instead of driving by, stopped to rescue a poor soul in need. Matt and Kelly actually reunited a year after their first meeting, and Matt could not believe how different Kelly looked from the first time he saw her. It was an emotional reunion to say the least.

Kelly getting cuddles from rescuer Matt
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“Knowing that we’ve come full circle, and she’s back in the condition she is now, it’s the fairy tale ending to the story,” Matt said.

“The emotions are so raw because of what he did for her, because we don’t know how it would’ve turned out otherwise,” Kelly’s owner added.

Check out the adorable reunion video below:

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