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Vet suspended after shocking attack, but did he get off too lightly?

The vet can return to work in 4-months dog-angry
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A vet will be suspended for a meagre four months, and afterwards be allowed to continue practising, despite evidence that he kicked a dog in his care!

By Ashley Murphy , 31 Jul 2019

Dr Jatinder Dhami was working at Vets4Pets in the Springfield Retail Park, Leicestershire, back in November 2017. The vet claimed that the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Sasha, bit him following a routine injection.

An eye-witness account

A receptionist stated how she witnessed Dr Dhami attack the dog. Following an investigation, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons committee published a report. It read:

“The kick propelled her to slide along the floor to the extent of the lead, she looked up and whimpered, cowered and had her ears back.”

“She got up and the respondent then took a step towards her and kicked her again, causing her to slide along the floor again.”

Dr Dhami admitted to kicking the dog but denied the stamping, a claim which the investigating committee upheld. When asked to defend himself, the vet said he was irrational, adrenaline-fuelled, but that his actions were in no way premeditated.

The committee has the power to strike off vets, meaning they can never practice again. However, they decided on a four-month suspension after Dr Dhami provided several character statements which argued that his behaviour was entirely out of character:

"The committee was particularly impressed by the evidence of a registered veterinary nurse who has worked with the respondent for about 12 months."

The report continues to state that:

"She had no doubt about the respondent’s professionalism and care for animals."

But did he get off too lightly?

Two other allegations relating to separate incidents were rejected during the investigation.

But what do you think? Is a four-month suspension adequate punishment for putting a dog through such a traumatic experience? As self-confessed pooch-lovers here at Wamiz, we're sure you can guess our feelings on the matter! All we say is this: we hope this vet uses the four-months off work to reflect very carefully on how he deals with all his future patients.