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Don’t tell this brave dog her owner doesn’t need saving!

Chocolate Labrador swims in a pool dog-happy
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This adorable 'lifeguard' pooch rushed to her beloved owner’s rescue even though she didn’t need saving AT ALL – an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Jul 2019

Denali the Chocolate Labrador adores her human – to say the least. So much so in fact, that she never lets her out of her sight, just in case danger is lurking around a corner…and even when danger isn’t lurking actually.

Be careful Mum!

Just a few days ago, the sweet pooch misunderstood a perfectly ordinary situation. Think of paranoia mixed with a hint of panic attack – that’s what Denali experienced when she saw Meg, her human, jumping into the pool.

Meg just wanted to take a dip and cool herself down. Knowing Denali would worry unnecessarily for her, she left her dog in the house as she headed to the pool.

Love knows no bounds

But, a door wasn’t enough to stop Denali. As soon as she saw her owner jumping into the treacherous chlorine pit of doom, she ran to her ‘rescue’. Hastily breaking through the screen door, she jumped in without a hint of hesitation to save dear Meg’s life.

Sure, Denali landed on Meg in a most ungraceful manner, (and she also totally broke the screen door) but in her defence, she thought she was saving a life here. Now that’s a good dog!

Check out the adorably hilarious video below: