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Chief Mouser Larry may soon be upstaged by Downing Street rescue dog

Boris Johnson and Larry the cat are in disagreement cat-wow
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Larry the cat has been Chief Mouser at Downing Street since David Cameron’s time in 2011. Undoubtedly the country’s most popular political pet, he may now have to share his space with a Cabinet Office dog.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/07/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Since last week, Britain has a new Prime Minister: Boris Johnson. Though Johnson has never owned a pet himself, he seems eager to discover the joys of pet-parenthood. Indeed, he reportedly asked staff at the Cabinet if they would be interested in getting a dog for the office – and the overwhelming majority were, of course, on board.

Chief Mouser and Happiness Officer

But what will Larry think?

At first glance it looks like…maybe he’s not a fan of the idea…

This beautiful cat has been living in Downing Street for the past 8 years – fearlessly chasing mice for one PM after another. He has provided a comforting stability for the British people in a country that needs it more than ever. He often steals the spotlight from political figures that come to visit the Cabinet – this cat definitely loves to be the centre of attention.

A new Sherriff in town?

Alas, it looks like Larry’s time as the sole Downing Street pet may be coming to an end. Boris Johnson has, despite the cat's initial disagreement, insisted on adopting a rescue pooch.

Battersea has already provided the Cabinet with a list of dogs they think might be suitable for life on Downing Street. The criteria, according to Battersea, is as follows:

“Our priority will of course be to look for a dog that is comfortable living in a busy environment and could happily live alongside Chief Mouser Larry”.

While we’re sure such a dog exists, we do hope Larry will also be compatible with the new staff member. Then again, Larry is a rescue from Battersea himself, so maybe their similar pasts will help them get along. We are excited to see what happens next at Number 10, but until then, we think Larry will greatly enjoy his only-child life!