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Extremely “inappropriate” behaviour caught on dog-cam

News story screen shot of dismissal of Wag! dog sitter dog-wow
© ABC7 News Bay Area - YouTube

In May of this year Los Angelean Rosie Brown contacted Wag! to arrange a dog sitter while she attended a friend’s wedding. Once out of town, an alert on her dog-cam led Ms Brown to receive the shock of her life.

By Nick Whittle , 27 Jul 2019

It was in the spring of this year that Brown left her dogs in what she thought were the capable hands of Casey, a dog sitter hired by Wag!.

Capable hands Casey may have had, but not for Brown’s pooches.

The dog-cam that Brown had installed in her apartment before going away soon alerted the home-owner to excessive movement. Accessing the live feed, Brown noticed Casey had invited her boyfriend to "assist" her in her work.

Despite her mentioning to Casey that she had installed a dog-cam in her home, Brown watched as the pair stripped and enjoyed more than a little down time. The video, now posted on YouTube, shows the couple visiting all of the rooms in the house before sitting on the sofa naked.

According to ABC7 News Bay Area Casey’s explanation for her actions was, “I don’t like wearing clothes”.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Brown was able to deduce that Casey had walked the dogs for just 5 minutes each day rather than taking them for the agreed hour-long bout of exercise.


The on-demand app Wag! was founded by a techie in 2014. It is a US mobile platform to which dog owners can head to link up with service staff who, according to the company, are “trusted, vetted… experienced, insured and bonded dog walkers.”

Wag! acknowledges in its terms and conditions that it provides only an open house venue to which dog owners and service providers can do business. However, in Ms Brown’s case, the company admitted Casey’s behaviour contravened its home access policy. The firm apologised unreservedly and dismissed Casey from their bank of care providers.