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Lugar the dog: the canine fire alarm

The Ryals house up in flames, Georgia, US dog-wow
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Lugar’s owner was asleep upstairs at the time, blissfully unaware of the closeness of death. As the flames grew the brave Rottie began to call out, in an effort to save himself and his human mom from a worsening inferno.

By Nick Whittle , 25 Jul 2019

April 13th of this year saw the end of another tough nightshift for Lisa Ryal. She was exhausted having spent some long hours at her workplace not far from her home in Pickens County, Georgia.

Returning home, she fed and watered Lugar, the family’s Rottweiler, and went straight to bed. The loyal dog took up his position on the ground floor and bade goodnight to his owner.

Ms Ryal quickly fell asleep but was awoken a few hours later by Lugar’s incessant barking. Instinctively she knew something must be up, and without her family around her that day, a worry and fear began to grow.

Rushing downstairs she and Lugar were greeted by a living room in flames. The fabric of the curtains, the upholstery of the sofa and the carpets were alight. What’s more, flames were blocking their only route to the front door and the ceiling was engulfed by fire.

She and Lugar rushed to the door, in the process both suffering terrible burns. As Ryal opened the door the pair was then hit by a roaring backdraft that fed the fire within.


Despite managing to free herself and Lugar from the house, Ryal suffered severe smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on her face and feet. Lugar seemed relatively unharmed and was well enough to spend some days by his owner's hospital bed.

Writes Honest to Paws, Ryal later recalled the incident. She said, “I’m so blessed to be alive. It could have been so much worse. If Luger hadn’t made all that noise I wouldn’t have woken up.”

A gofundme page has since been set up to support the family’s recovery. The page has already received $6,050 in funds.