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Vets prepare to euthanise paralysed pup when suddenly, a miracle occurs

Pablo the puppy on vet table dog-happy
© Pablo - der Kämpfer - Facebook

Clemency comes at the eleventh hour for one little paralysed German Quail puppy! Told by vets he was better off euthanised,two women from Zirndorf decided to save him from death and give him the chance he deserved.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 29/07/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

In a small town just east of Nuremberg, two friends are on an incredible journey. They have committed themselves to making poorly dogs better. But the dogs they care for are not maimed by physical trauma: their wards are animals in need of physiotherapy.

Stefanie Bayer and best friend Sandra already look after a dog that requires assistance to walk. When they heard of the fate of a young Wachtelhund called Pablo, they knew he must be saved.

Pablo’s owner approached the pair after being told by vets that the only practical course of action would be to have the 12-week-old dog put to sleep. Pablo was handed over to Steffi earlier this year and despite further advisories from the vet, it was clear that the dog’s congenital infirmities did not actually cause him any pain.

Pablo’s disabilities, which include difficulty swallowing and walking, would be, for some, reasons enough to have him put to sleep. But Stefanie and Sandra believe they can help the dog recover.

With the aid of the Pablo Mobile, the dog is already walking well.


Und hier noch ein kleines aktuelles Video von Pablo und seinem Pablo-Mobil. Wir mussten jetzt noch ein bisschen nachjustieren damit er besser mit seiner linken Pfote auf dem Boden auftreten kann, aber er kommt schon prima klar und ist richtig flott unterwegs ??

Posted by Pablo - der Kämpfer on Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ongoing care and attention

Steffi and Sandra have since launched a funding page in order to pay for Pablo’s ongoing care.

On their gofundme page they write: “He [Pablo] will probably have a lifetime of handicap and need physiotherapeutic care (not to mention the vet visits). Since this is not only time-consuming, but unfortunately also very cost-intensive, we call this donation a campaign for his whole life. We hope to be able to provide the little pup with the supplies he needs.”

Pablo’s page has so far received 1,819 EURO but the target to enable the pair to continue to fund Pablo’s physiotherapy is 3,000. 

On July 7th, Steffi posted on Pablo’s Facebook page a shout out to anyone interesting in adopting the dog. She wrote, “Our sugar sweet, life-happy little goofball is still looking for people who will stand beside him on his difficult path. Unfortunately, we don't know where the trip is going with him, and how busy the path might still be, so the responsibilities for his future owners are not exactly small.”