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3 dogs die in car as heatwave continues

Stories like this are common during summer dog-sad
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A woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after three dogs died in her car during this summer's scorching heatwave. Despite all the media coverage on the subject, the woman had left the dogs to sit there with the windows closed for an extended period of time.

By Ashley Murphy , 27 Jul 2019

Officers from Rhode Island, USA, responded to calls from concerned members of the public who spotted three pooches trapped inside a parked car at around 4 pm last Sunday.

The vets tried their best

The dogs - two black Labradors and a Keeshond - were found unresponsive across the back seat. Officers rushed the pups to a local animal hospital, but vets couldn’t revive the animals.

According to police, the animals had been left in the vehicle for an extended period without water.  What's more, all the windows were rolled up, and the air conditioning system appeared broken.

Temperatures in the US state rose as high as 35C, although high levels of humidity made it feel around 43C.

Police identified a 65-year-old female suspect, who was later charged with three counts of unnecessary cruelty to an animal and three counts of confinement of an animal in a motor vehicle.

Animal cruelty is a felony crime in Rhode Island, and the suspect faces a maximum penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment.

Despite major efforts by animal welfare agencies and the emergency services, cases like this remain common during summertime.

We've seen several high-profile cases across the UK already, while 2018 saw a three-year high in the number of animals found dead in hot cars.

Share the message - it could save a dog's life

Dogs should never be left alone in a car during warm weather. Even “milder” summer temperatures around the 20C mark can jump to 40C within the hour inside a stationary vehicle.

Temperature inside a car in the sun

And with the hot weather set to continue for the next few days, we must get the message out there again. So share this story with all your pooch loving friends to make sure every dog makes it through summer.

If you ever see a dog trapped inside a car, call 999 immediately. For more information, check out this guide from the RSPCA.