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Entire family to be buried in pet cemetery with dogs

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Hilary Hughes MBE who died in May of this year was buried beside her dog Patsy in a pet cemetery. Now Mrs Hughes’ husband Gethin and her stepson say they too, will join her in the family plot.

By Nick Whittle , 28 Jul 2019

Unusual it may seem to some, but Mrs Hughes’ purchase of a family-sized plot of land at Holywell Pet Cemetery meant that in the end, she and her family could rest eternally beside their beloved pets.

Mrs Hughes died just months after the couple’s Lurcher, Patsy, died. The family pet was the first to be interred at the cemetery near Brynford in North Wales. Mrs Hughes joined Patsy shortly afterwards on May 22nd. A headstone bears Patsy's inscription, and a smaller headstone next to it reads: "In loving memory of Hilary and Patsy", writes The Mirror.


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During an earlier visit to the cemetery to make arrangements for Patsy’s funeral, Mr and Mrs Hughes were so taken by the look of the place that they purchased a plot big enough for them and their dog.

According to The Mirror, Mr Hughes intends to have the family’s new dog, Nina, buried there as well.

Mr Hughes said: “I'd never heard of Holywell pet cemetery before Hilary and I visited when we wanted to cremate Patsy, and we just couldn't believe how nice the place was.

My wife immediately said she wanted to be buried there with Patsy when she discovered it was possible to do so, and I never tried to deter her, and in fact I will be joining her one day, as will my stepson - Hilary's son, Stanley Curci.”


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The Hugheses have raised over £1000 for a statue to be erected in the cemetery to commemorate the work of military dogs.

On the cemetery’s memorial page, trustee Emma Ward writes: “We are truly honoured to have Hilary and Patsy resting here over Rainbow Bridge.

It is Amazing that Hilary Hughes M.B.E continues her good work after death in rising much needed funds to build the National Military Working Dogs Memorial UK and choosing The Pet Cemetery to rest in peace.”