Watch: Giant Schnauzer pounces on a young girl in an unforgettable scene

Collie dog runs after a ball on a beach dog-happy © Jacque Langston - YouTube

The beach can be full of dangers: strong waves and currents...That’s why we all need someone by our side who can protect us…

By Nick Whittle

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Over half of holidaying Britons stayed at home last year, and this year the same trend is expected. With the weather heating up dramatically more people than ever are heading to the UK’s glorious beaches.


This young girl and her family are, like many others this summer, making the most of the lovely weather and heading to the beach for a swim. Though we should always be careful when our kids splash in the water, this family doesn’t have much to fear.

Their giant Schnauzer is keeping a close eye on their little one, never letting her so much as take two steps further into the sea. The giant pooch lets the young girl hold on tightly to his fur, helping her stay balanced and upright. He may realise his little friend is having fun, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking his job as lifeguard any less seriously! What a wonderful, loyal companion!

Watch the adorable video below...

Beaches to head to with your dog

If you would like to experience some sun and sea with your dog as well, you’d better start planning. British Variable weather has a nasty habit of cutting short a sun worshipper’s devotional!  Here are just a few places around the UK that, according to have “dog friendly beaches”.

  • Sandymouth, North Cornwall
  • Perranporth beach, North Cornwall
  • Westward Ho!, North Devon
  • Babbacombe, South Devon
  • Berrow, Somerset
  • Holkham Bay, Norfolk
  • Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire
  • Little Quay (Cei Bach), Ceredigion
  • Climping, Sussex

Don’t forget, these may be dog friendly beaches but you must check with local signage at the entrance to any beach to make sure you and your pet are permitted in the summer months.

Some district councils will supply you with a fixed penalty of £100 or more if you contravene the rules. East Devon council which controls the beaches of famous holiday resorts such as Dawlish and Teignmouth are exceptionally strict, and deploy wardens regularly.

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