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Stray dogs make amazing rescue after tiny cry for help

The baby girl is still in a critical condition dog-wow
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Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment when two stray pups pulled an abandoned baby out of a sewage drain. Thanks to these amazing (yet unidentified) dogs, the child's life was saved.

By Ashley Murphy , 27 Jul 2019

The incredible rescue took place in Haryana, India, last Thursday morning.

 The infant, a tiny baby girl, was dumped in a sewage drain just hours after being born.

A tiny cry for help

The hero dogs were wandering the nearby streets when they heard the desperate cry for help.

They pulled the baby to safety and started barking for help.

Locals went to investigate and quickly called the local authorities.

Emergency medical staff arrived on the scene and rushed the baby to a nearby hospital. Doctors found evidence of a recent head injury and have described her condition as critical.

Dinesh Kansal is the Doctor overseeing the girl's care. He said:

“She is likely a premature baby born after seven months of pregnancy."

Doctors want to move the tiny patient to a bigger hospital where she can receive all the treatment she needs. But her current condition means she'll stay where she is for now. Dr Kansal continued:

“We decided to keep her under observation as transit could be life-threatening for her.”

So let's keep our fingers crossed for this little fighter.

Reports from India suggest police have identified a local suspect and criminal proceedings are underway. No more information has been released on the case.

As for the pair of super pups, nobody knows where they are now. Shortly after the rescue, the modest heroes simply went back to the life of an average street dog.

The heroes that this little girl deserved

There are around 30 million stray dogs currently wandering the streets of India, so it's highly unlikely we'll ever identify these very special dogs.

Even so, this pair of unwanted pooches have shown the whole world just how amazing dogs can be!