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WATCH: Stray pup hero frees what he THOUGHT was an abandoned dog

Stray dog unties domestic dog in Russia dog-wow
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A heartwarming video captured in Russia shows a stray dog desperately trying to free a tied-up pup - and it’s a total tearjerker. This pooch is definitely a team player!

By Alice Lang , 25 Jul 2019

We already know how clever, loving, affectionate and selfless dogs are - but we’re always up for seeing yet another video which solidifies that fact even further.

A slight misunderstanding...

Dmitriy Timchencko of Novorossiysk in Russia was visiting his local store when he noticed a pit bull tied up at the front.

He’d only been left there while his owner picked up a few things from the store - no big deal! But the stray pooch who approached him didn’t quite understand that.

The stray dog was clearly concerned about his fellow four-legged friend, appearing to believe the pit bull had been tied up and abandoned.

"I've seen this stray dog around town many times," Timchenko told The Dodo. "He always uses the crosswalk to cross the street. He's a very smart dog."

...turned into canine solidarity at its finest!

The smart stray immediately began his mission of freeing his new buddy, the pit bull. He was slow yet determined in his manner, slowly but surely loosening the knot until his friend was free.

Before long, the confused pit bull was, indeed, ‘free’ - well, the effort was totes there.

And perhaps the cutest part is what would happen next. The thoughtful stray grabbed the pit bull’s tie and confidently led him off to ‘safety’ - or so he thought.

Thankfully, Timchenko was watching from a distance and grabbed the pit bull’s owner from the store.

Despite it all being a huge misunderstanding, no one can deny how smart, thoughtful and selfless that stray pup truly is. We hope that one day soon, he’ll find his forever home, too!

Watch the amazing event below:


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