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Dog walks 125 miles to be reunited with the owner who rejected her

Maru, bullmastiff dog-sad
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Bullmastiff “Maru” escaped from a train and walked 125 miles back to the owner who had shunned her. Risking life and limb she clambered along a railway track to a place she thought was her home. 

By Nick Whittle , 23 Jul 2019

Maru’s owner lives in Krasnoyarsk in central Russia. She had bought the dog from a kennel in Novosibirsk almost 500 miles away. But the owner soon realised that she was allergic to the dog. After several months an upset Maru was sent back to Novosibirsk by train.

125 miles out of Krasnoyarsk, while the train the dog was travelling on was idle at an isolated station, the desperate animal jumped from the carriage.

Despite the efforts of the train’s guard, the dog soon disappeared into the night. A search was not possible because the train was scheduled to leave. To make matters worse, the forests were home to wolves and bears.

Homeward bound

Maru began an epic journey back to the owner she thought would again welcome her with open arms. Staying close to the Trans-Siberian railway track the dog walked 125 miles back towards Krasnoyarsk, guided by nothing except her want to be 'home'. 

At an embankment close to the city Maru stumbled and fell down close to an industrial estate. Almost three days later workers discovered the dog injured and lame and took her to a vet.

Kennel owner Alla Morozova had organised a search for the Bullmastiff and had pleaded for the dog's safe return on social media. According to The Sun newspaper, the dog was returned to Ms Morozova with “tears in its eyes” and was finally reunited with its own canine parents, still resident at Morozova’s kennels.

Alla said the dog was "lucky" not to have been eaten by wild animals on her trek back to Krasnoyarsk.