Balcony rescue: dog locked outside suffers heatstroke

French Bulldog rescued from balcony dog-sad © - Youtube

The events took place in Palma, Mallorca. Local police rescued a dog that had been left on a balcony, without access to the inside of his apartment. The poor dog started to show symptoms of heatstroke.

By Justine Seraphin

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It was above 30C when the poor animal was left in full sunlight on the balcony. Without any water or shade to cool off, he began to suffer from heatstroke.

An honest, yet almost fatal, mistake

The owner had supposedly not seen her dog step outside onto the balcony before she closed the balcony door and left the apartment.

The rescue team accessed the balcony from the outside and brought the dog down to the ground. They tried their best to keep him conscious as they gave him water to drink and poured it all over his body.

When it seemed he was out of immediate danger, the French Bulldog was transferred to a local veterinary clinic to be taken care of by professionals.

Keep your beloved pets safe!

Weather in the UK this week will be extremely hot. It may reach up to 36 degrees in London on Thursday. During this heat, remember that our pets are in very real danger and can suffer heatstroke much more easily than we can.

Brachycephalic breeds (such as French or English Bulldogs) in particular, are at risk. Keep your pets inside during the day and only let them out early in the morning or late at night when the temperatures have dropped.

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