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Campsite tragedy: vacationers splashing in pool as police break into caravan

Caravan parked at campsite dog-angry
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If an attentive camper had not been so quick to react, an innocent dog might have been killed at a campsite near Cologne, Germany. Thanks to him, the police arrived just in time.

By Justine Seraphin , 23 Jul 2019

A vacationer was walking through the campsite on a hot Sunday afternoon when he heard whining and whimpering coming from one of the parked caravans.

The rescue mission

Soon, the man understood what was happening: a dog was locked inside this caravan. The temperatures were rising above 30C and there was no trace of the poor animal’s owner. The Good Samaritan knew he had to act quick.

Not knowing who the caravan belonged to, he immediately called the police. Upon arrival, the police broke the caravan door down. A wave of heat hit them as they stepped inside and found the dog who had been locked inside.

All he had next to him was a little bowl of water.

Neglectful owner will be punished

Any reasonable owner wouldn’t have left his animal locked inside a vehicle on a day this hot. The police therefore decided to take action.

When the dog’s owner returned to the caravan, it was obvious he had just been enjoying a nice afternoon splashing around in the pool, while his animal suffered in the excruciating heat.

Although the man cooperated about his personal details, he refused to admit to the police that he had put his dog in danger, and also refused to reveal how long he had left his animal locked up in the caravan.

The 34-year-old is now expecting criminal proceedings due to his neglect.

Remember dogs die in hot cars. During the hot summer months, make sure your pet stays indoors where it is cool, and never leave them in a car in the sun.

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