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Dog found agonising on the balcony, owner gives the strangest excuse

Pitbull on a leash dog-angry
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A poor dog was left to burn up on his owner’s balcony as the outside temperatures reached 40 degrees. The dog’s owner called the police herself and gave them the strangest excuse for putting her animal in such a situation.

By Justine Seraphin , 22 Jul 2019

According to the dog’s owner, the animal was very aggressive and was trying to attack her. In order to protect herself, she locked him out on her balcony. Yet, when the police arrived at the scene, the situation was very different from the one she had described.

The complaint

“Help me. I’m afraid to go home. My dog wants to kill me and I’m afraid he will. I haven’t had the courage to open the door for 5 days.”

This is what the dog’s owner yelled to Mirafiori, Turin police on the phone. However, when an officer arrived at her 6th floor apartment, what they found was a calm, medium-sized dog. Tied to a 50 cm chain, he was left stranded on the balcony with no food or water to sustain himself.

The sad truth discovered

Clearly the dog, named Diablo, had not been trying to kill his owner.

As a neighbour revealed to the police, he was just an innocent pooch in need of saving.

“That poor dog has been abandoned for days. The pee is still running down onto my balcony. I was worried he was not well because I could no longer hear him barking.”

Fortunately, Diablo was seized from his owner and taken to a local shelter. We hope he will find a loving forever home who will never treat him with the disregard he was treated with by his previous owner.


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