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12 hilarious dog memes that will cure your Monday morning blues

Dog wearing sunglasses
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Mondays are the worst. What could make them just a little bit better? Memes. And dogs. And give us some good dog memes – and our entire week could be turned around.

By Justine Seraphin, 22 Jul 2019

So because we sympathise with those of you who AREN’T on summer vacation yet, sitting at your office this lousy Monday morning, we’ve taken the time to compile a few of the best dog memes in existence. You’re welcome.

Dog Meme Monday

Dogs have a great sense of priorities.


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They’re also boss at taking compliments.


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Well…most of the time…

They’re goofy and can make us laugh all day long…

And any excuse to cuddle is good enough for them.


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They love you so much they need to be with you all the time…otherwise its chaos.

And even though they can be a little naughty sometimes...

And to be honest, being without them sucks for us too.

Sometimes even your dog thinks you’re a weirdo!

Because you ARE over the top with him...


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Then again, you were born this way…

And when you’re together, nothing else in the world matters.