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12 hilarious dog memes that will cure your Monday morning blues

Dog wearing sunglasses dog-happy
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Mondays are the worst. What could make them just a little bit better? Memes. And dogs. And give us some good dog memes – and our entire week could be turned around.

By Justine Seraphin , 22 Jul 2019

So because we sympathise with those of you who AREN’T on summer vacation yet, sitting at your office this lousy Monday morning, we’ve taken the time to compile a few of the best dog memes in existence. You’re welcome.

Dog Meme Monday

Dogs have a great sense of priorities.


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They’re also boss at taking compliments.


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Well…most of the time…

They’re goofy and can make us laugh all day long…

And any excuse to cuddle is good enough for them.


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They love you so much they need to be with you all the time…otherwise its chaos.

And even though they can be a little naughty sometimes...

And to be honest, being without them sucks for us too.

Sometimes even your dog thinks you’re a weirdo!

Because you ARE over the top with him...


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Then again, you were born this way…

And when you’re together, nothing else in the world matters.