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Cornwall Dobermann rescue centre urgently needs foster homes

Two dobermann dogs from Dobermann Rescue dog-sad
© West Country Dobermann Rescue – Facebook

West Country Dobermann Rescue is reaching out to the world in an effort to extol the virtues of the Dobermann breed. The dog rescue centre based in Portreath in Cornwall has been focused on the rehabilitation and rehoming of the breed since 2018.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 20/07/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

But today owner Natalie Birch warns that public perception of the dog as dangerous and vicious is causing fewer people than ever to adopt.

Ms Birch told Cornwall Live that in order for more dogs to be willingly adopted people’s attitude to them must change. But that looks unlikely, she says, due to a continuing portrayal of the breed in films and television programmes as lethal guard dogs and unforgiving blood-thirsty animals

Sadly I feel due to the television and film industry mostly using them as an ‘aggressive’ animal,” Birch said. “It is then portrayed and perceived as a true characteristic of the breed which is just not the case.

We only have badly behaved dogs because they have incompetent owners that haven’t raised them in the correct way.”

The temperament of the Dobermann

Birch maintains that the Dobermann is a gentle breed which is only bent to aggression by poor care or a deliberate want of some owners to make the dog fearless.

She adds, “Dobermanns are extremely loyal, affectionate, intelligent and certainly live up to their namesake of the ‘Velcro dog’ as they want to be wherever their humans are even if it’s joining you in the bathroom.”

The Dobermann is in fact a kind, gentle and tender dog and it becomes very attached to their social group. Despite their menacing appearance and false reputation as a dangerous dog they are truly adorable and affectionate.

Read our Dobermann breed sheet to learn about some of the other characteristics of this loving dog.

Natalie Birch is seeking foster homes and a kennel location. If you would like to contact the centre please visit its Facebook page.


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