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Incredible initiative turns dog poop into fertiliser and renewable energy

Dog poop waste converted into renewable energy dog-wow
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A Canadian town is recycling pet waste into a natural resource, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating “Poop Power” energy. All owners have to do is deposit their dog's poo in Sutera containers made especially for this purpose!

By Dawn Parrish , 20 Jul 2019

In the town of Waterloo, Canada, there is an enormous issue with dog poop in the parks and open spaces. Although many responsible owners scoop this dog waste, the local authority looked at other ways that this poop could be collected and disposed of.

Pet waste collection pilot programme

A local businessman introduced the idea of the recycling proposal to the town’s Mayor, David Jaworsky. Initially, three bright green receptacles were placed in situ, near locations where dogs were walked. Dog owners pick up their dog’s poo, then place the filled bag into this bin, which then falls down to a container, six feet under the ground.

The dog droppings are then collected and transported to a treatment facility. Here, the dog waste is mixed with organic materials and livestock manure and allowed to “ferment” over a 1 to 3-month period. During this poop processing procedure, gases are released from the bacteria, collected and converted into energy. This green and efficient energy produced from each container should be sufficient to power 26 local homes. Any residual waste material can be used as fertiliser.


Have you seen these at any of our #leashfreemississauga parks? ? ? ? ✅ Dog poop is being recycled into energy. ♻️ How?...

Posted by Jack Darling Leash-Free Dog Park on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Dog waste recycling vessels are the green choice for dog owners

These attractive green bins encourage dog owners to deposit their pet’s waste easily and responsibly and at the same time, to convert the town’s massive dog poo problem into something useful, efficient and very green! As the “Poop Power” project develops, more of the waste receptacles have been introduced, with even more planned for the coming months in various locations.

The project is certainly of great benefit to the local green economy and the community parks. Its innovation is also helping to curb the challenges that dog owners face dealing with their dogs' poop every day!

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