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Trap, Neuter and Return campaign to solve cat overpopulation

Cat overpopulation is a huge problem in Doncaster cat-wow
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A local charity, Cats Protection offers practical solutions in the Doncaster postcode areas to the problem of feline overpopulation. This new initiative aims to control over-breeding with a trap, neuter, and release plan.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 20/07/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Run mainly by volunteers with the Cats Protection charity, this campaign helps to control the large numbers of feral and community cats in and around the city of Doncaster. Many of these felines are seen as a nuisance but the Trap, Neuter and Return, (TNR) policy will help to prevent any out of control breeding.

The cat overpopulation problem

In and around Doncaster, thousands of feral felines live in colonies, outdoor spaces, gardens, alleyways and factories. They are usually the offspring of lost or abandoned domestic pets. Certainly, because these cats haven’t been neutered, their numbers are reaching epidemic proportions. Likewise, as they haven’t been handled from birth, they’re not socialised to human company and aren’t good candidates for possible adoption.

Cats Protection volunteers are working closely with local authorities to humanely manage feral cat communities. Their viable solution gives a two-step approach to reduce this cat overpopulation.

Step One

Feral and stray cats are caught humanely, then given a health check. They are neutered or spayed and treated for fleas, worms and ear-mites. Their ears are marked so that staff recognise they’ve already been treated.

Step Two

As many of the adult cats are too wild and wary to fit into domestic homes, colony carers are put in place to feed and care for these cats in their current, familiar habitats. Younger kittens and tame cats are placed in temporary foster homes, until permanent homes are found for them.

Without this extended care, the life of a feral cat can be quite uncomfortable, filled with misery, and very short. The Cats Protection charity, through their TNR campaign, provides not only a reliable food source and shelter, but allows these unwanted cats to live healthy and longer lives.


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