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Appeal for dog blood donations to save pets' lives

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During the summer period, canine blood donations fall, leaving a desperate shortage at the pet blood bank. If a dog needs a blood transfusion, it needs another dog to make a donation.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 19/07/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Many dogs have surgery for medical conditions that might need a blood transfusion. Canine blood groups are either positive or negative, comprising of around a dozen different types of blood. The Pet Blood Bank has launched a summer appeal for dog donations. Indeed, they often struggle to replenish their stock of negative blood, as only 30% of canines fall into this blood group.

Dog breeds most likely to have negative blood group

The Pet Blood Bank are urgently appealing, especially to owners of the following dog breeds who are probably in the negative blood group.

# German shepherd

# Flat coated Retriever

# Greyhound

# Pointer

# Lurcher

# Dobermann

Dog donors need to meet certain criteria

Any potential doggy donors need to go through a screening procedure. Of course, they must be in good health and meet other requirements. A vet will check the dog’s weight, temperature, heart rate and respiration before he is allowed to donate.


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What happens during the blood donation

There are many similarities between a human and doggy blood donation. During the whole process, the welfare of the dog is paramount.

A small blood sample is taken to first check that the dog can donate. If cleared, the owner takes the dog into the donation room and places it onto the table. When the dog is calm and comfortable, with the owner by his side, the procedure begins. It isn’t always necessary to clip the fur from the donation site before the needle is inserted into the dog’s vein. Around 450ml of blood is collected, while the dog receives constant praise and assurance.

The dog blood donation procedure takes around 10 to 15 minutes. Its not a painful procedure, which is validated by the number of repeat canine donors who happily attend donation sessions, running through the doors wagging their tails. 

We need more dogs to donate blood!

Of course, the dogs who donate this much-needed blood are blissfully oblivious that their blood will be used to save the lives of their canine friends. They are generally more concerned about the lavish attention they receive during the process and of course, the delicious treat they receive afterwards.


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