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See how one gang of brave pups is protecting the UK from terror attacks

these dog protect the UK from terror attacks dog-wow
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A group of very good boys and girls are helping to keep UK citizens safe by bravely protecting nuclear power plants and waste sites from terrorist attacks.

By Ashley Murphy , 19 Jul 2019

When it comes to working dogs, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary dog unit is the A-team.

A sharp-nosed team

Made up of mostly German/Belgian shepherds and sharp-nosed spaniels, the members of this elite pooch troop are trained to confront intruders and trespassers and sniff out dangerous objects, including bombs!

After being put through their paces at the training camp near Sellafield power station in Cumbria, the dogs go onto work at one of several nuclear plants or waste sites all over the UK.

Laura Forster is a dog training sergeant for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. She's been lucky enough to work with these amazing dogs for the last twenty years. She said:

"It’s the best job there is if you like dogs. At the end of the day, it’s a lifestyle choice. We are really fortunate within the CNC that people come to us because they want to and because they’re motivated."

Given the nature of their work, a lot of what these dogs get up to remains top-secret. But Duncan Worsell, the Assistant Chief Constable of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, gave us a glimpse into just how vital the dogs really are; he said:

"Where we deploy them, the dogs are extraordinarily important. Dogs can do things that armed officers cannot do. For instance, searching a building if you know that there are intruders within the building, but you don’t know how many or where within the building they are, you can use dogs in order to do that."

All the treats in the world

Well, I just hope our four-legged defenders are getting all the treats and cuddles they deserve!

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Posted by Metro on Monday, July 15, 2019