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Canine fairtytale: Next-door-dogs fall MADLY in love

Loki and Lola fall in love over the fence dog-happy
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Can dogs fall in love? Loki and Lola, full-time neighbours and part-time lovers, have proved that it’s totally possible - even if there is a fence in the way!

By Alice Lang , 18 Jul 2019

Lola, a Golden Retriever from Surrey, moved into a new house with her Mum Amber Monte last March. And it wasn’t just a happy new home that Lola gained - soon after, it was a boyfriend, too.


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When Lola met Loki

Loki immediately greeted Lola as she explored her new surroundings. Peeking over the wooden gate which separated them, his tail wagged back and forth like never before.

“We’ve never lived next to other dogs before, and Lola was so excited to see another dog so often!” Amber told The Dodo. 

“When Loki was in his garden he’d always jump up at the fence and look for Lola, as he knew she was usually there.”

And despite normally being a shy and timid pooch, it seems that Lola felt the same way, too.

“Lola would always jump up and give him a little hello with some licks,” she added. “We only just thought they were getting to know each other and that would be it, really.”


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“She gets quite scared around other large dogs when we are out on walks, which is why we found it so odd when she took so well to Loki.”

They’ll love each other furever

After a while, Amber noticed that Lola prefered to spend time with her new friend, Loki, than her. She’d spend her days pining to go outside to see him.


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“When we let her out, the first thing she’ll do is jump up at the fence to see if Loki is out. If Loki isn’t out, she’ll sit and wait by the fence.” 

Eventually, Loki found his way to Lola and managed to get over the fence. Amber would regularly turn her head for a second and suddenly find Loki and Lola playing together in her garden. 


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“Now, usually in the mornings when we go to let Lola out, Loki is sat waiting in our garden for her!”

They are so excited to see each other when they play — there’s lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing! They are inseparable when they are together!”

It's a real-life, four-legged fairytale! Follow Lola's adventure and her blossoming romance via her Instagram.