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Over half of dog owners kiss their dog MORE than their partner

Owners kiss their dog more than their partner dog-wow
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Do you kiss your partner or your pooch more? An eye-opening study has revealed just how much us humans love our dogs, and the results may surprise you...

By Alice Lang , 18 Jul 2019

Just take a moment to answer this question honestly in your head.

Who do you kiss more, your partner or your dog?

Surely it’s your partner, right? Nope, we know what you’re thinking. It’s the dog. It’s 100% the dog.

Thankfully, it seems you’re not alone...

52% of respondents kiss their dog more than their partner

You heard right! According to a survey by Riley’s Organics, more than half of dog owners show more affection towards their dog than their own partner. Let’s not lie, though. Dogs are simply fantastic. Who can blame us?! 

But perhaps where it gets a little bit concerning is when we discover that 52% of respondents said they prefer to sleep in bed with their dog than their partner. Who said romance is dead, eh?!

94% of pet owners consider their dog as a best friend

Back to the good news - almost all dog owners regard their pup as one of their ultimate life besties.

And we’re totally with ‘em on that one. You just can't beat the overwhelming and unconditional friendship of a four-legged BFF.

After all, they give the ultimate cuddles:


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They're the perfect stress-buster after a stressful day at work:


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They're downright hilarious:


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They're a life-long adventure buddy:


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And basically, they're simply the best things ever.


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