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Dog and robot team up to repaint Florida home... with poo

This dog pooed on the kitchen floor. An unpictured Roomba then spread it all over the house. dog-wow
© Ryan Landy - Facebook

A Florida man has been left with a massive cleaning job after his Roomba attempted to vacuum dog poo from the kitchen floor and instead spread it around the house.

By G. John Cole , 18 Jul 2019

Humans have been worried about the rise of the robots for some years now. Will they take our jobs? Will they take our lives? But just think of the worry a pet dog faces when he encounters a robot Hoover for the first time.

“Will this robot suck up my toys?”  the dog might ask himself. “Will the Roomba take my place in my owner’s affections?”

Perhaps this was on the mind of Ryan Landy’s dog, Apollo, when he left a brown aromatic treat on the kitchen floor last weekend.

Evidently the Roomba was doing its own ‘duty’ when it rolled over the poo and tried to clean it up. But rather than ingest the faecal matter, the robot only managed to cake its wheels and underside with the stuff. It then continued to clean the house, unwittingly leave a trail of dog poo everywhere it went.

Landy shared the story and photos on his personal Facebook page, although he seemed to intuit that his robots-gone-wrong story – a literal Internet of Shit – would go viral:

“My new Roomba ran over my dog’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my house,” wrote Landy. “I’m going to need therapy. Go follow my movie Instagram.”


My new Roomba ran over my dog’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my house. I’m going to need therapy. Go follow my movie Instagram: @rylanfilms I follow back!!

Posted by Ryan Landy on Sunday, July 14, 2019

A learning process for man, dog, and robot

Naturally, some commenters asked why Apollo was pooing on the floor anyway (with at least one suggesting it was because he was afraid of the Roomba). Landy later shared a photo of the dog and explained:

“[W]e rescued him recently and he’s not fully trained yet. So we keep the roomba closed off in whatever room it’s cleaning, unfortunately as you can see in the video, some of my pets know how to open doors, which is what lead to the catastrophe. You learn from your mistakes.”


Due to popular demand, here’s the shitter! Also for those wondering, we rescued him recently and he’s not fully trained...

Posted by Ryan Landy on Monday, July 15, 2019