Woman hears little shrieks: She can't believe what she finds under the stairs

Firefighters spent 30 min saving the kitty cat-wow
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Firefighters spent 30 minutes on a rescue mission after somebody heard some very unusual noises coming from underneath a staircase. They had to literally tear apart a staircase!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 02/08/2021, 21:00

An unnamed woman was walking through the district of Frönsberg, Germany, on Monday at around 9 am.

It seemed like any other morning, but as she passed a stone staircase near her home, something made her stop.


What's that noise?

The woman waited, and a few seconds later, she heard it again - a high pitch wailing noise, like something calling out for help. In fact, she was pretty sure it sounded like a kitten and that the noise was coming from underneath the staircase.

She moved in for a closer look and soon spotted a small, helpless kitten trapped in a narrow space between the stairs and the wall.


She tried freeing the little critter, but it had really wedged itself in the tight gap. Realising this was a job for the professionals, she called the fire brigade.

Officers from a nearby station in Hemer,  North Rhine-Westphalia, arrived on the scene shortly after.

They pulled off a few of the tiles, hoping this would free the cat. But it wasn't going anywhere just yet, so firefighters decided to remove part of the staircase.

They then spent 30 minutes chipping and grinding the stone before the cat was finally lifted to safety.

Mission complete

Nobody knows how this furry guy managed to crawl into such a tiny space, but he's now back with his relieved owner.

Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time, but it certainly got him into a fair bit of mischief!

Let's just be grateful that a sharp-eared passerby heard the cat's cries and put our paws together for the team behind the rescue. Well done, guys! We know you're used to putting out dangerous fires, but, in our eyes, saving a cute little kitty is just as heroic!