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See how long this heartbroken dog waits for his "missing" owner

The dog has been there for 18 months dog-sad
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Dogs are famous for their loyalty, but this one has taken it to a heartbreakingly new level after spending the last 18 months in the same spot where his former owner died in a car accident.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/07/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

In Nov 2017,  a 40-year-old Greek man named Harris was killed in a tragic road traffic accident. Harris's loved ones were devastated, but he had one furry friend that just couldn't let go.

A never-ending wait

Days after his owners passing, the pooch, an unnamed white crossbreed, trotted down to the accident site and he's been there ever since - patiently waiting for the owner who will never return.

Locals tried to adopt the dog, but this loyal guy refuses to go anywhere.

So nearby residents built the pooch his own little dog house. They also bring him blankets during the colder times of the year, and always make sure he's got enough food and water.

It's hard to say how long the dog will wait. However, going off previous cases, he might be there for some time to come.

In Japan, an Akita named Hachiko became world-famous after he turned up at Shibuya Station every day for ten years following the death of his owner.

In fact, some locals are already calling this dog the "Greek Hachiko."

Why are dogs so loyal?

Studies on our relationship with dogs show how they've developed the ability to empathise with our feelings, read our body language and facial expressions, and develop their own ways of communicating with us.

What's more, spending time with pooches releases chemicals in the human and canine brain that cements long-lasting bonds, meaning we connect to our pets on the deepest levels.

But it's not like we really need any science to prove the amazing bond between dogs and their humans. One look at this devoted dog says it all!