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Dog saves young girl from falling into deep water in heart-warming video

Dog senses danger and saves toddler from river dog-happy
© Vuzeenews News - Youtube

An emotional video has gone viral after being shared around the world. The short clip shows a toddler walking towards the river as she tries to reach her ball. Her dog runs forward and tugs at her dress, pulling her away from danger.

By Dawn Parrish , 16 Jul 2019

A moving scene captured on video

The video scene, although only a few seconds long, initially shows the little girl walking down towards the waters-edge, as she looks for her ball. As she bends down searching for the ball, the dog bounds across to her, pulling at her dress with his teeth. As the dog tugs at her clothes, the toddler loses her balance and falls backwards onto her bottom, thankfully, well out of the reach of the deep water.

The dog proves just how much a caring animal he is as he then walks into the deep water himself, and retrieves the ball for his young friend, averting the danger of her trying again.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures

It’s a well-known fact that canines are intelligent, smart animals. They are highly perceptive making them more aware of their surroundings than humans are and can often hone in on what their human friends are thinking of. Because of this sensitivity, they can predict possible dangers. Purely by observing body language and facial expressions, they can judge what the human is intending to do.

We don’t know if this dog’s perception is something mysterious, or easily explained by science, but this family pet certainly has the ability to sense danger when it comes to his little mistress. Take a look at this emotional video and see for yourself the amazing bond between the dog and the toddler.