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Cancer-stricken 14 year old dog given the best weekend EVER!

Wilson between Stephen Rampersad's sons dog-sad
© Stephen Rampersad – Facebook

The owners of a 14-year-old dog that was diagnosed with cancer wanted to give him the time of his life. The German Pointer crossbreed was treated to walks on the beach and a burger and chips before visiting the vet for the last time.

By Nick Whittle , 16 Jul 2019

14-year-old Wilson was diagnosed with cancer on July 5th. By then the dog was already suffering the pain and immobility of an aggressive type, and it was clear little could be done to save his life.

They said he was in a lot of pain, and he had these giant, cancerous growths in his bladder and stomach. They found them all over his inside,” Wilson's owner Stephen Rampersad said, reports the Daily Mail.

After making the unenviable decision to have him put down, Rampersad and his family decided that Wilson should go out with a bang. Hence, they treated him to a weekend of doggy heaven!

What did Wilson do?

According to the Daily Mail, Rampersad, his wife Christen and their two children took Wilson on an unforgettable journey to the seaside, parks and finally a restaurant. After telling the staff of Shaggy's Seafood restaurant about Wilson’s illness, the family treated the dog to a burger, fries and vanilla ice cream.

Wilson dined on a “burger, fries, ice cream and lots of petting and hugs,” writes the Daily Mail

Wilson was just over-the-top excited about it all,” Rampersad said. “Every time food came up, his ears would perk up.”

Rampersad added, “There aren’t a lot of times in life when you can say, “Hey, somebody did something really great," or, "Hey, somebody really took the time to be kind and make something special," but this was one of those times.”

After a weekend of fun and games and lots of photographs with his family, Wilson was taken the vet to be put to sleep. He died peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones.