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WATCH: Touching, tender moment between baby and Husky

Husky and baby are best friends dog-happy
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With all the ugliness in this world, we sometimes need a break filled with sweetness and tenderness. And that’s exactly what this video is for. See how in just 30 seconds, this beautiful Husky displays one of the million reasons dogs make the best companions.

By Justine Seraphin , 15 Jul 2019

Dogs are the best. Everyone knows that. They are constantly happy, love you unconditionally, and they’re also great bodyguards. Oh yeah, and one other thing: dogs are the best babysitters.

Sweet Siberians

Now, you wouldn’t necessarily think of the robust, athletic Siberian Husky as your first choice of dog for a child, but you’d be surprised at the breed’s nanny abilities! Indeed, Siberian Huskies are loyal and affectionate, and they also have very laid-back personalities, which makes them great for kids. They can also be really playful, which means that they’ll be the perfect playmate for older children too!

This video certainly proves how loving and gentle these dogs can be.

The heart-warming scene shows a baby just hanging out with his best bud – and the Husky is enjoying every second of it. He lies there near the child, quietly and calmly keeping him company.

This beautiful clip has definitely warmed our souls on this gloomy Monday!

Safety first!

Remember that even though this is an ADORABLE video, accidents are too quick to happen. Young children should always be supervised with dogs (no matter the breed or size)!

Dogs can – and should be – socialised properly, and habituated to all kinds of humans, including children. However, rough housing may not be appreciated, and could turn to frustration, especially if they are left to their own devices with a child who may not know how to pick up on warning signals. Better safe than sorry – never leave a child alone with a dog!