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South Korean farmers counter-protest about right to consume dog meat

Dog caged by dog meat farmers dog-angry
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South Koreans are turning away from eating dog meat but “Dog Eating Day” saw dog farm owners protest against a dwindling trade. Thousands of dog-loving demonstrators marched on South Korea’s National Assembly on Friday (12/07/19), bolstered by a recent ruling that regards the killing of dogs for meat illegal.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 16/07/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Actress Kim Basinger, who last year protested against the trade perpetuated by South Korea and China, was present at the rally. She represented activist group Last Chance for Animals, a charity fighting miseducation and cultural languor in respect of the exploitation of animals.

The change in the South Korean law came after several years of hefty decline in the popularity of dog meat. The Daily Mail suggests that the number of dogs eaten annually has been cut in half to around one million. Especially among the younger generations, the meat (usually served as a bosintang soup) is no longer in fashion.


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Counter protest

At Friday’s Boknal Dog Eating Days rally, dozens of farmers – who consider their livelihoods are jeopardised by the decline in fashion – staged a counter demonstration outside the Assembly. They believe they have a right to kill and eat dogs.

Reports the Daily Mail, “Dog farmers wearing red bandanas emblazoned with 'Fight. Unity' in Korean appeared to taunt dog activists by eating dog meat outside the Assembly.”

The farmers represented around 17,000 dog farms still in operation around the South Korean peninsula. Although illegal to kill dogs for meat, it is not illegal to eat dog meat, a loophole activists are keen to close.

Dozens Including Kim Basinger Protest South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Dozens of protesters held replicas of dead dogs outside South Korea’s parliament to protest the dog meat trade

Posted by NowThis on Friday, July 12, 2019

The South Koreans have eaten dog meat for centuries. ‘Bosintang’ was once thought to boost the sexual potency of the eater in much the same as some Westerners still see the oyster, asparagus and fig. However, the South Korean appetite for dog is waning and with that has begun a gradual exodus of production-line dogs.


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