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Man abandons puppy on a busy road for the most unforgivable reason

Tiny black puppy
© Fundacja NASZE Futrzaki - Facebook

There is NEVER a good reason to abandon an animal that you are responsible for. Shocking as abandonments are for animal-lovers, this story in particular is beyond comprehension.

By Justine Seraphin , 15 Jul 2019

It was about a month ago that Konstanty Golba, head of the Fundacja NASZE Futrzaki shelter in Poland, stumbled upon a tiny black puppy on the side of a busy road as she headed to work in the morning.

Adorable puppy left for dead

The puppy had obviously been abandoned during the night. Though his previous owner had left a bag of kibble next to the pup, the puppy remained in great danger. Young as he was, he would not have survived by himself for very long, not to mention the cars speeding by on the road, only metres away from him.      

Golba picked the puppy up and took him to the shelter. Though Golba sees this kind of case often, he could not help himself from sharing his anger and frustration on social media. He posted a video and several photos of the puppy, accompanied with the caption

“How could you leave this puppy in a field near the road? And sleep peacefully at night?”

Remember abandonment is punishable…this will be reported.”


czy usłyszysz wolanie? jak można było zostawić go w szczerym polu przy ruchliwej ulicy? i spokojnie spac?

Posted by Konstanty Golba on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Abandoned for having an accident

Worried at this ‘threat’, the puppy’s ‘owner’ sped over to the shelter as soon as he discovered the post on Facebook. He attempted to plea with Golba, asking him not to report the case (which in Poland, could be punishable by 3 years in prison).

And the reason he gave for abandoning the pup left Golba speechless: the puppy, only a few weeks old, had urinated inside the house.

How someone could abandon a puppy so young for such a reason is simply incomprehensible.

Luckily, Golba was left unmoved by the man’s speech and proceeded to contact the Police anyway. The owner is now being dealt with by the law – and the puppy is getting a second chance at life.

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