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A pair of eco warrior sausage dogs collect litter on their daily walks

Two sausage dogs collect and recycle litter dog-wow
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Tackling litter problems in our communities is a worldwide problem, but with the help of these litter picking Dachshunds, waging a war on waste is benefiting the Scottish town of Moray.

By Dawn Parrish , 15 Jul 2019

Hooch and Dudley, two mini Dachshunds,began their mission by picking up and carrying the odd plastic bottle at their owner, Amber Lednor’s home. When out walking her daughter Alexis, Amber was dismayed to see just how much rubbish was laid around in the park, on the playing fields, in hedgerows and beside the footpaths.

Waging a war on litter

Amber decided to make it her mission to help to clear the rubbish she finds on her dog walks by picking up any plastic bottles and other litter she spots. It didn’t take very long before the small black and tan doggies picked up on what she was doing and now they join in and help with the recycling. The dogs have made the war against litter into a playful game, and they happily mooch around the hedgerows searching for discarded rubbish.

Sausage dogs pick up litter on their walks

The two Dachshunds carry the coffee cups, plastic bottles and empty drinks cans quite happily in their mouths. Amber also picks up any litter she spots, and all of this rubbish is recycled into the litter bins. Their litter collections are certainly making an impact in their local environment. This dog lover and her pets also visit their nearby beach where the sausage dogs do litter picks along the shore.

These small individual steps help communities to take pride in their localities, to create a better environment, and to protect it for future generations. Hooch and Dudley are certainly playing their part in this teamwork cleaning up the litter from their neighbourhood.