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WATCH: 5-year-old boy is reunited with STOLEN puppy

5-year-old reunited with his stolen dog dog-happy
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When a 5-year-old boy’s dog was stolen, his heart breaks before his Mum’s very eyes. Watch the heartfelt moment that Noah is reunited with his best four-legged friend!

By Alice Lang , 14 Jul 2019

For her son’s fifth birthday, Sharnee Pocock, from Australia, decided to give her son the ultimate gift: his very first dog!

Together, they named the three-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier Jacky Boy - and Noah fell head over heels in love with his new bestie.



Posted by Sharnee Amanda Pocock on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Stolen from the backyard

On October 14th, the unimaginable happened - Jacky was stolen from the family's backyard. Despite having security cameras installed around the house, they didn’t catch sight of who committed the selfish crime.

According to The Animal Rescue Site, Sharnee said: “He’s hurting. He gets into bed every night and says, ‘I wonder where Jacky Boy is, I wonder if he’s cold.’”

But Sharnee was determined to get Noah’s best friend back and offered a huge $4,000 reward to whoever returned him to her.

“I’m not a rich person, it’s not like we have this kind of money but I will give (it) up. He’s not just a dog to us, he’s family. My son is so attached to this dog, he’s so upset that he's gone"

Reunited with his best friend

It had been a long few days, but eventually, they finally received news. Their beloved pooch had been carelessly dumped on the side of a road and thankfully, found by a passerby.

On October 18th, Noah was reunited with his canine BFF - and the moment is no less than adorable.

Watch the sweet reunion in the video below. We’re so happy for you, Jacky, Noah and Sharnee!



Posted by Sharnee Amanda Pocock on Thursday, October 18, 2018