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Woman surrounds a dog with rocks (and kindness)

Dog on road surrounded by circle of stones dog-wow
© Animal Aid Unlimited – YouTube

In what looks like a symbolic gesture to a dying dog, an Indian woman encircles an injured dog with small rocks. The video taken in 2018 shows the passer-by attempting to protect the dog from further injury on the roadside near Udaipur, Rajasthan.

By Nick Whittle , 14 Jul 2019

The dog had been run over by a car. Seeing it was clearly in a great deal of pain the Good Samaritan called local animal welfare group Animal Aid for assistance. While she waited for their arrival she guarded the dog to make sure it did not come to any further harm.

The dog - later nicknamed Pintu - was eventually rushed to Animal Aid’s hospital where he was treated for a spinal injury. The animal was also given pain killers. Animal Aid nursed Pintu back to full health and in the end managed to find a family willing to adopt him.

Animal Aid

Animal Aid Unlimited writes that it is a “life-changing place for both people and animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.”

The rescue shelter and animal hospital first opened its doors in 2002 with the promise to rescue and treat stray and poorly animals discovered in the city. Animal Aid hopes that in its continuing to treat stray and sick dogs it will inspire more of the city’s residents to care for their dogs in a better way.

But it isn’t just dogs that Animal Aid treats. The shelter looks after animals of various species, and currently houses over 370 individuals. The charity also responds to urgent requests from residents who find animals poorly or in trouble. The organisation prides itself on being proactive in the care of animals.


The north-eastern Indian city is famed for its beauty and attracts millions of tourists both Indian and foreign. But its reputation as a place worthy of a visit is being tainted by the current state of its roads and neighbourhoods. Unauthorised and unscrupulous tourist guides are also tarnishing Udaipur’s reputation.

To make matters worse, the city is beset by thousands of stray dogs and cattle. Reports the Hindustan Times: “Stray cattle roaming on roads cause accidents; people are scared to walk on roads. Stray dogs make the life of residents miserable in colonies.”