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Shopkeepers leaving water out for dogs - yay or nay?

Shopkeeps leave bowls of water outside their premises for dogs during summer dog-wow
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A kind-hearted store owner places a bowl of fresh drinking water outside for dogs to drink during the heat of the summer. Is this a helpful idea or can it lead to a doggy stomach upset?

By Dawn Parrish , 13 Jul 2019

In the Italian town of Torre del Greco, a shop merchant puts out a fresh bowl of water every day during the hot summer months, so that any passing dogs can take a drink to cool down. He leaves a friendly message next to the bowl, mentioning that all dogs, either strays or pet dogs can take advantage of this water, for no charge.

Many stores provide drinking water for dogs outside their premises

Summer brings many opportunities for outside activities with our dogs and walking along the high street or strolling around countryside villages is often high on the list. During the heat of the summer, its very important that our pets are kept hydrated, especially when they’ve done some strenuous exercise. While many dog owners are aware of this and carry a portable canine drinking bottle, others rely on the generosity of shop keepers and other kind folks who place drinking bowls outside of their premises, specifically for dogs to take a refreshing drink.

A dog’s water bowl must always be kept clean

You wouldn’t drink water out of a dirty glass, so why expect your dog to drink from a germ-ridden bowl. Shared dog bowls are a breeding environment for many bacteria, and you have no guarantee that the bowl you see outside of the local store has been washed and cleaned adequately before being refilled with water. Dog bowl hygiene is crucial to prevent any canine tummy upsets, especially with bowls that are shared by several dogs throughout the day.

Staying hydrated is vitally important

When you take a long  walk or are out travelling with your dog, a portable dog water bottle will help to satisfy his thirst. Many modern designed water storage bottles also have a dispenser attached that your pet can drink from. Otherwise, you can choose a collapsible bowl that will fit into your backpack. Remember that if you are feeling thirsty after a walk, chances are that your dog is too.

Although these friendly shopkeepers are offering this gesture, perhaps its preferable if your dog drinks from his own water bowl and eliminate the risk of a stomach upset.