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Mourners pay respects to crematorium cat who comforted bereaved families

Crematorium cat has his own cremation service cat-sad
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The cat who wandered the grounds of the crematorium for many years has recently passed away, and got his very own kitty cremation. Up to 40 people who were acquainted with the 'therapy cat' attended the ceremony.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 13/07/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

During the last 16 years, Ashley the cat has lived at the crematorium in Worthing, where he has brought many smiles to the staff who work there and also comforted many bereaved visitors.

Crematorium kitty brings comfort to bereaved visitors

The black and white cat was often spotted in the peaceful grounds of the crematorium, giving solace to those who had recently lost loved ones. The kitty would approach visitors who appeared to be distressed and in need of comfort. One lady who recently lost her mother said that Ashley appeared out of nowhere and sat beside her at her mum’s graveside. Many mourners respected the crematorium cat’s presence and assumed he was a sign from their departed loved ones.

Cat who brought comfort to others has his own cremation

Following the cat’s death, staff and friends from Worthing Crematorium, gathered together and paid for a kitty cremation to honour the caring feline. The service was carried out by Minister Sarah Jane Boden who had often spotted Ashley at cremation services she carried out. Around 40 people attended the cat’s cremation service, which comprised of prayers, hymns and music from the Aristocats musical. Representatives from Worthing Borough Council and the Deputy Mayor also attended the service.


Worthing Crematorium recently lost their beloved cat Ashley, who brought so many people comfort when they needed it the most. They have very kindly donated the wonderful £200 raised in Ashley's honour at his memorial service to St Barnabas House. Thank you Worthing Crematorium for your kindness and thank you to Ashley who helped so many people in his lifetime.

Posted by St Barnabas House on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A very fitting memorial to the crematorium cat will be set up in the reception area at Worthing crematorium. His urn will be placed next to a photograph, for visitors to pay their respects. There are also plans for a memorial bench to be placed in the crematorium gardens.


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