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Woman finds mystery package and can't believe what's inside!

The kittens are waiting for a forever home cat-sad
© Animals Without Luck - Facebook

When this woman decided to open the mysterious package left outside of her door, one of the last things she expected to find was four adorable new-born kittens.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/07/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

The unnamed woman, from Granada, Spain, has no idea where the kitties came from, or why they ended up on her doorstep.

These cats remain a mystery

The four members of the kitty gang were no more than a few days old, and it's pretty hard to understand how anyone could abandon the little guys.

A local animal rescue association,  Animals Without Luck (Animales Sin Suerte), shared the story via Facebook in the hope of finding the cats a forever home.  They posted the following message:

"Help urgently. Four kittens have been abandoned in a box outside of a house."

Since the call for help, dozens of good samaritans have come forward with offers to take the kitties. One of those was Melica Ortiz de Montes. Animals Without Luck shared the good news on social media:

“Melica Ortiz de Montes is going to host them. He has arranged to pick them up on Thursday. Thank you very much,"

Although the kittens are now being well looked after, this is only a temporary solution. Melica will foster the cats until they can find permanent homes.

So let's keep our paws crossed and hope they don't have to wait too long!

Unfortunately, summer is a peak time for cases of kitty abandonment.

A bad time of year for many kittens

Cats come into season during Spring,  meaning many of them give birth during the summer months. Kittens are often abandoned by families who can't afford to look after them or simply don't want the responsibility of caring for more cats.

If your female cat isn't neutered, then speak to your local vet. Spaying adult females reduces the chances of unwanted kittens and can protect them from certain diseases later in life.