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Elton John dedicates song following the death of beloved dog

Elton John with Arthur the dog dog-sad
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In March, fans mourned the loss of Elton John’s beloved American Cocker Spaniel Arthur. The singer’s 14-year-old dog was greatly missed by all who knew him.

By Nick Whittle , 12 Jul 2019

Arthur was gifted to John (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight) on his 56th birthday. The pair instantly became the best of friends and were inseparable. The singer would often be seen at tables in Michelin restaurants with Arthur by his side.

In 2006 Arthur was credited on the cover of The Captain and The Kid for playing “the woof-bells”.


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Writes The Sun, John announced the death of his beloved pooch at a stage show in Las Vegas. He even dedicated “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” to the Cocker Spaniel; a song he had famously sung as a duet with George Michael.

Best man

In a recent interview, John hinted at the fact that Arthur had been his best man at the singer’s marriage to David Furnish. The couple had a marriage ceremony at the guildhall in Windsor in December 2014 and then hosted a lavish reception at their Windsor estate.

It is alleged Arthur was made best man after John and Furnish were told by Guildhall managers that pets were not allowed in the building. John’s tendency to be forthright and stubborn ensured that Arthur played a part in the proceedings.


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According to The Sun John later arranged for Arthur to marry one of his other Cockers, Marilyn, in a fanciful, yet private, ceremony. Up until the death of Arthur, John and Furnish were the owners of Arthur, Marilyn “Arthur’s wife”, Max and Isobella “the daughter of Arthur and Marilyn”.

John takes nodding dog statues on tour with him, according to Wolfstoria. The website claims that John “brings nodding dog figures with him for his dressing rooms.

"Everywhere he goes he has an extra room filled with thousands of his nodding figures.”