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Katie Price treats herself to new dog after previous one is run over

Katie Price with dog on sofa dog-angry
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Kate Price is slammed on social media for getting yet another dog just months after losing her latest German Shepherd,who the ex-glamour model claimed had been killed in a “hit and run” incident.

By Nick Whittle , 12 Jul 2019

Writes The Mirror, Queenie “allegedly died under the wheels of a pizza delivery van on Katie's driveway" in 2018.

18 months on from the tragedy, 41-year-old Price has forked out for another dog. Blade, of the same breed as Queenie, cost the cash-strapped star £1,000 prompting some to question whether her purchase was wise.


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In 2018 the aging star, once worth £45 million was forced to apply for bankruptcy after failing to meet repayments on her borrowing. Price filed for bankruptcy but avoided being forced to declare herself bankrupt after submitting a payment plan for her creditors to the court.


The latest purchase of an expensive dog is not the only thing to stick in the throat of observers. Price’s track record with animals is less than adequate. A dog called Bear that she bought just months after her court hearing disappeared, as did another German Shepherd called Sparkle.

Instagram followers demanded to know where all of her pets were going.

What happened to your great Danes your Bulldogs your pigs, your micro pig bingles, your two dogs de Bordeaux sparkle, queenie, all the horses you've flipped???,” asked one follower.

AddsThe Mirror, Price is accused of palming off on family members or selling, “a bevy of llamas, goats, pigs, sheep and horses.” And despite the barrage of complaints about the endless purchases of animals, Price continues to dismay her once avid fans.


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Ex-husband Peter Andre is known to have persuaded Price not to sell her sphynx cats and hedgehog Peggy.

In 2018 The Sun reported on how Price’s mansion, which she shares with her animals, was “filthy” and “grim”.


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