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WATCH: Lulu the therapy dog is helping people overcome their grief

Lulu the funeral therapy dog dog-happy
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Grief is the hardest thing anyone can go through. But Lulu the therapy dog is helping families heal and allowing them to feel a moment of joy in the darkest of times.

By Alice Lang , 11 Jul 2019

Grief. We all have to experience it, but that doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, for many, it’s the single, most difficult part of life.

But one American funeral planning company has implemented a fluffy, four-legged service to make it that little bit easier.

Meet Lulu the therapy dog

2-year-old Goldendoodle, Lulu, has been Ballard Durang Funeral & Cremation Service’s in-house therapy dog for a few years now - and the effect she’s had on their clients has been unbelievable.

Lulu acts a ‘comfort companion’ to families in times of need, providing much-needed affection and support.

"Humans need to touch," funeral home president Matthew Fiorillo told TODAY. "Even just petting her can be a subtle distraction from the tremendous amount of grief people are going through."

"She's part of the team, no question about that. It's clear she's eager to be part of what we do and wants to help people."

Canine healing power

One of the centre’s clients, Chelsea Sules, recently lost her beloved brother Stephen, days before he was about to turn 25.

But despite the sheer trauma she's experiencing due to losing a sibling so young, she claims thatLulu helped her to find a moment of peace.

"I walked into the funeral home and Lulu came running toward me and my sister. We were shocked and started giggling. She immediately started to comfort us just by her presence alone."

While nothing but time can truly heal grief, we’re certain that therapy dogs can help people to find sparks of joy, even in the darkest of hours. Good job, Lulu, for sharing your love with those who need it the most!