See how far this A-lister went to keep her pups by her side

These pups flew 10,000 miles dog-wow © barbrastreisand - Instagram

Showbiz legend Barbra Streisand is well-known for her love of pooches. But she recently took her levels of doggy care to a whole new level after taking her dogs on a 10,0000-mile round trip due to a recent performance in London's Hyde Park.

By Ashley Murphy

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The US singer, 77, was headlining at a British festival which attracted 65,000 visitors, including power couple Posh and Becks and a host of other famous faces.


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Celebrity pooches get VIP treatment

And while Streisand blasted out her most famous hits, her three pets, Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet and Fanny, were patiently waiting in the wings. The furry gang even had a custom made dog buggy and their very own VIP escorts!


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The dogs even made a brief appearance on stage.

A member of the backstage crew gave reporters a glimpse into the life of an A-lister pooch. They said:  

“They had free roam of her dressing room and a dedicated member of staff to push them in the buggy or walk them around at their free will. Barbra adores them all and would never travel without them, fans were even queuing up for selfies with them."

This isn't the first time these dogs have hit the headlines. Last month, Streisand posted a pic of her pets during a visit to a pet cemetery.


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The story went viral after fans discovered that two of the pups,  Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet,  were cloned from Streisand's former pet, Coton de Tulear Samantha.

It's unsure how much she paid for the cloning,  but it certainly wouldn't have been cheap. The controversial practice usually costs around $63,000!

You can't put a price on puppy love

Add that the price of 10,000 air miles, and it quickly becomes clear that these are some very lucky pooches.

But I think most of us would do the same! After all, the love for our pets is priceless!


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