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Cat fans are loving these amazing new kitty pics

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A new photo series by a Swiss artist is showing a completely different side to our cats, and feline-lovers can't get enough of these "paw-some" posing kitties.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/07/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Our furry friends prefer to spend most of their time on all four paws, but now and then they like to take a different view of the world by doing their best human impersonations.


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What the world looks like when you're on two legs

More often than not, they're trying to get a better a view of those tempting looking birdies, or are simply reaching up to the table in the hope of a tasty treat from their owners.

But whatever the motivation, the effects are super cute, which is what inspired Swiss photographer Alexis Reynaud to capture the moments on camera. The idea came to him after his own cat's attempts at bipedalism. He said:

“The idea came about while watching my cat's movements. At that very moment, I thought she was the re-incarnation of Puss-in-Boots."

For those who don't know, Puss-in-Boots is a European fairy tale about an anthropomorphic cat's quest for fame, fortune, and a fair maiden. Puss-in-Boots is a pantomime favourite here in the UK and has also made cameo appearances in several smash-hit animated films, including the Shrek series.

According to the artist, the one-off portraits are designed to showcase the timeless and universal beauty of our cats.


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But they're also just pretty funny, and of course very cute.

Check out the Standing Cats Instagram account for even more adorable pics of these catwalk kitties.

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Alternatively,  you can purchase your very own Standing Cats print via the artist's website. You'll also find Standing Cats notebooks, greeting cards, and iPhone cases.

So if you've got a special someone who loves kitties, then you might just have found them the "purr-fect" gift!


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