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Owner never stops searching for her missing dog and her dedication pays off

Fern is now back home dog-happy
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When Jodie Ferrier's Cocker Spaniel went missing six years ago, she was determined to find her beloved pooch. Now, after a six-year search, the pair have been reunited, and Jodie couldn't be any happier!

By Ashley Murphy , 10 Jul 2019

Fern went missing way back in April 2013.

Jodie began the search right way, enlisting help from friends, dog wardens, and even the police.

The search moves online

She then launched an online campaign, including a Find Fern Facebook page which attracted over 10,00 followers and several potential sightings. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be the pooch Jodie was looking for. She said:

“The heartbreak, time and time again when the disappointment sets in and you realise that you’ve got to start again – it’s just heartbreaking.”

But the tireless search came to an end last week after a man came across a lost looking dog wandering the streets of Bracknell.

He handed the pup over to local a vet,who was pleased to discover that this pooch had a microchip.

The vet contacted the Ferrier family, who rushed over to collect its missing member.

“The moment that door opened I knew it was her instantly," said Jodie. "She sort of went to walk past me then she doubled back, and I don’t know if she smelled something or recognised something – and then her tail started to wag and it just hasn’t stopped. She’s continued to wag that tail the whole time.”


Fern has been given the all clear from the vets. She has a flea and worm burden to deal with but nothing major. I have...

Posted by Fern Found on Thursday, July 4, 2019

Vets believe Fern has had two litters of puppies during the last six years, confirming Jodie's initial suspicion that the pooch was stolen by unscrupulous puppy farmers.

Microchipping is now the law

Fern is now settling back in with her family and enjoying a six-year back-log of strokes and cuddles.

Microchipping your dog is now a legal requirement and a great way to make sure they always find their way home. It costs around £30. If you're struggling financially, contact the Dogs Trust charity, who can sometimes offer the service free of charge.