Man at airport is cornered by police dog after comitting horrendous crime

Airport security dog barks at passenger dog-wow © Dragosh Co - Shutterstock

A campaign video featuring a GSD has gone viral on the internet after it hilariously shed light on a major issue facing pets – particularly during the summer months.

By Justine Seraphin

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The video shows a German Shepherd barking frantically at one of the passengers trying to get through security at the airport.

Since security canines are usually trained to alert their handlers when they think danger is around, airport staff take the bearded passenger into an interrogation room to go through his suitcase.


A lengthy search

Probably expecting to find a weapon or drugs, airport security proceeds to remove the clothes from the suitcase. And they find…nothing. Still, the dog continues to bark furiously.

So, airport security tears open the teddy bear in the suitcase. And what they find inside is…nothing. Yet, the dog insists.

The officials are at a loss and can think of only one other place the bearded man may be hiding contraband. So, they ask the man to pull down his pants as they slip on some Latex gloves. The dog finally becomes silent.

As they begin the body search, the man (visibly uncomfortable), looks into the dog’s eyes, and suddenly, the terrible truth comes to light.

Dogs never forget

We are taken back to a scene which occurred in the past, when the security dog was just a puppy. It was this very man who left him on a country road and drove away, abandoning him to fend for himself. This was payback.

Although filmed in a hilarious way, this campaign sheds light on a very real problem. Figures show that there is approximately a 50% increase in pet abandonment over the summer months, usually because owners can’t find a solution for their animal while they go off on holiday.

But while it may be easy for some heartless people to forget about the poor souls they leave behind – they should be reminded that our pets never forget. We are their whole lives, and we owe them better than loneliness on a dirt road.

Moral of the story: if you can’t provide for your pet, simply don’t get one!

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