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Yorkie featured by Paul O'Grady has new lease of life helping sick kids

Abandoned dog featured by Paul O Grady helps sick kids in hospital dog-happy
© Paul O Grady For The Love Of Dogs - Youtube

Felicity, an abandoned dog who won the heart of Paul O’Grady, the TV dog enthusiast, now has a new role helping sick kids in hospital as part of the “Pets as Therapy Team.”

By Dawn Parrish , 8 Jul 2019

The 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, (that's over 65 in dog years!) was found wandering around the streets alone last year. She was rescued and taken to Battersea Dogs Home, where she had to undergo an operation for cancer.

Abandoned dog finds a new home

After Felicity made an appearance on the ITV show 'For The Love Of Dogs', hosted by Paul O’Grady, dog lover Flo Sinclair came forward and adopted the pooch. Flo soon realised that The Yorkshire Terrier was a friendly, caring dog, loving the attention she received from children on her daily walks. Flo worked as a Pets As Therapy volunteer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and she knew that Felicity was an ideal candidate to become a patient visitor pooch.


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Posted by Battersea on Friday, January 18, 2019

Abandoned dog now helps young patients face their fears

Felicity the Yorkie is very cuddly and affectionate, and she has the magical ability to make young hospital patients feel better. Even on their worst days, a cuddle or just being able to ruffle the dog’s fur gives comfort to a poorly child. Over recent years, animal therapy has increased in demand and there are now many cats, dogs and even horses who provide comfort to people during their worst times. This tiny Yorkshire Terrier now has a huge role as part of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital “Pets as Therapy” team.

Felicity’s new role has given her a new lease of life

Of course, its not just the children who benefit from a visit by the Yorkshire Terrier. The adorable, fluffy dog loves all of the extra attention she receives. Patient Caitlyn Dolan was helped to become relaxed and happy after cuddling the little dog following surgery on a broken arm. Henry Wilson, who is only three, played with the Yorkie while waiting for stitches after he bashed his head, and this certainly helped to allay his fears.

It can be a very nerve-wracking time for any young patients, and their parents too, if they are admitted to hospital. Felicity is proving that she is worth her weight in gold by helping these sick kids to face their fears.