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9-year-old raises money to buy 89 bulletproof vests for police dogs

9-year-old boy from Ohio buys bulletproof vests for police dogs dog-happy
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A dog-loving boy from Ohio has made it his goal to protect police-dogs - and has now raised the money to purchase over 80 bulletproof vests for servicing furbabies across the country.

By Alice Lang , 8 Jul 2019

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that police dogs are absolutely amazing and need protecting at all costs.

So when a selfless young boy from the USA discovered that not all police dogs have bulletproof vests by default, he made it his mission to change things.

The police dog hero

Brady Snakovsky, a 9-year-old boy from Strongsville, Ohio, has made it his goal to protect police dogs.

It all started when he was watching TV: “He noticed a dog on television who wasn’t wearing a vest and he wanted to go out and buy a vest and give it to a K-9 who was in need of one,” Brady’s mother, Leah Tornabene said, according to WSBTV.

And, guess what? He not only bought one, but has noz managed to purchase over 80 vests for the dogs who protect the USA’s streets - amazing, right?!


Great Job Brady’s K9 Fund! Thank you for keeping our K-9 Brady safe!

Posted by Mendon Police Department on Monday, April 29, 2019

Brady’s K9 Fund

The third-grader has now started his own not-for-profit company, Brady’s K9 Fund, to continue to raise money for police dogs and get them the protection they so desperately need and deserve.

His GoFundMe page reads:

“Hi! I am Brady Snakovsky and I am from Strongsville, Ohio and I am in the third grade. I have a passion for helping police officers, especially K9 officers and their handlers. One day I hope to become an officer myself! I started my campaign with a goal of collecting enough funds to purchase one ballistic vest for a K9 in need.”

Recent updates to the page share news of Brady’s incredible success:

“We just wanted to send you guys an update to Brady's K9 Fund. So far Brady has vested 85 K9s and we currently hold a waiting list of 57 police officers who have entered their partner who is in need of a ballistic vest. Brady is still working hard to share his mission and vest more K9's. He loves sharing with all his school mates, and they love it too!”

Brady himself wishes to be a police officer when he grows up. With his clear dedication, selflessness and determination, we can totally see him being the perfect man for the job. Check out his GoFundMe page and the Brady's K9 Fund's website!